this is eyy i'm walkin here, a newsletter about nature (mainly birds), cities (mainly new york), and the intersection between the two. i’ve attempted to do a newsletter multiple times now but i’m feeling good about it this time.

the reason i use twitter and instagram and write articles is because i like telling and showing people things i’m excited about. these days, that mostly consists of birds, nature facts, and the interaction between cities/nature/birds. however, twitter causes me a lot of angst and writing freelance articles requires me to do crazy things like “proofread my writing” and “write good” versus what i want to do, which is “share pretty pictures and random facts.” the lack of capitalization might annoy people but it’s meant to be symbolic, that this isn’t rigorous academic writing—this is me talking to my computer screen for fun.

i’ll still post on social media and write articles, because despite the pain, i am addicted to posting. however, i think it’ll be fun to experiment with the newsletter as a way to be excited about stuff. it’ll also give me something to do on weeknights when i’m bored that isn’t social media (i have trouble focusing on any tv show that’s not like, a craft competition or sports anime, and i have trouble reading anywhere that’s not a train, but i work from home so i don’t have that anymore).

the thesis of the newsletter i guess is “i like birds, cities are cool places to see nature, other places are cool too, but no matter where you are, the world is both very exciting and very depressing.” i’m thinking most of these posts will just be photos i took that i’m excited about plus some words about them, or recaps of trips i went on/birds i went to see or days out birding. i might also include takes on “issues” that have really riled me up but that’s not really what i’m good at and other people have much clearer takes on things like that. i’ll probably include links to events or other bird things around nyc and beyond

for now, i turned off comments and likes because that’s the most stressful part of posting for me—email me if somethign i write is totally wrong and i can correct it. i turned paid subscriptions on if you want to pay me because i love money but there won’t be any additional content behind the paywall, for now at least.

thanks for reading :^)

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a newsletter about nature (mainly birds), cities (mainly nyc) and their intersection.


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